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Anyone with the slightest understanding of business is aware that most media is driven by the dollar. That means that taking risks or telling important stories because you are passionate about them is secondary to “return on investment” in traditional media.

Independent media is usually created by people who are driven by creating value that is beyond the measure of the dollar. Supporting creators like us is as simple as throwing twenty bucks at a project through a crowd-funding campaign and telling your friends through your own social networks. The satisfaction and sense of empowerment is priceless.

We are living in a time that needs new stories. Without a free press, how would citizens get the critical news and the accurate information they need? How will policymakers communicate with citizens and who will speak truth to power? Independent citizen driven press is simply vital to our democracy. Independent citizen driven press can provide the most diverse coverage because they don’t risk losing their advertisers.

Consider the concept of social investment, you invest money to gain social good, or social capital. Consider that your return on investment can’t be measured in dollars, it is measured in well-being. This is at the root of what creating value really is, but somewhere along the line we confused value with dollars and things. There is a whole world of value that can not be measured in dollars and cents… Ideas, inspiration, joy, a healthy environment, love, basically most of the things that actually matter.

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