WATCH: Man Steals Ring From Pawn Shop, Then Tries To Sell It Back

PORTLAND, Ore. (CBS Local) — Police in Oregon are looking for a thief who stole an expensive diamond ring from a local pawn shop and then tried to sell it back less than 24 hours later.

The ordeal began Sunday evening when All That Glitters on North Lombard Street in Portland was just about to close up for the day. A man walked in and started to look around.

“I just think how comfortable he was walking around the store,” supervisor Tiffanee Valenzuela told CBS affiliate KOIN. “He walked in, walked around the store, talking on his phone or seeming to be talking on the phone. He started at that case over there and asked to look at something and then came around to this case here and asked to see a little bit higher diamond.”

Valenzuela said her assistant manager, Toni, showed the man the diamond ring worth more than $11,000. He told her he didn’t have an ID and just wanted to look, but after a few questions he grabbed the ring and took off.

Then, barely 24 hours later, the suspect walked into another All That Glitters store on Southeast Division Street and attempted to sell the ring.

“I said ‘Where’d you buy the ring from?’ He said Las Vegas. I said really! ‘Cause you know it’s a pretty unique ring,” general manager Steve Souza said. “The manager said ‘this kinda looks like the ring we had stolen’ and then after looking at it closer, I said ‘yup she’s right.’”

Souza said he had to jump back as the suspect made another grab before he and another man ran out, leaving the ring behind.

Souza said he’s happy to have the valuable ring back, but he’s still offering a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to the suspect’s arrest.

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