Making Our Economy Possible

The following businesses and organizations (below) provide the products and services that help keep our local economy alive. They work hard every day to provide you with quality products, services, prices (and experiences) that enable you to shop with them, experience them, as well as allow you to keep your money local.  It’s one thing you can always be sure of. These businesses genuinely care about you as a consumer. Please help us in supporting them as they work to support us, our town and our livelihoods through local jobs. Each business represents our people and each is a crucial part of continuing to build and sustain a thriving local economy. (And that’s the kind of stuff that’s a big deal around here.)

Open Ads Network
Open Ads Network

To Become A Sponsor: Straight sponsorship’s are only $100 per year. We will include your logo below and occasionally include it in segments, news pieces, documentaries, weather announcements, daily shows, mid-day updates or any other such related content we feel your name would fit you or the piece. You are also welcome to send us press releases or news items periodically as you generate them throughout the year. We encourage gifts of clothing, hats, cups, food and other merchandise too. We’ll wear them, use them, drink out of them, eat them and show them, all to your credit of course. Additionally, we may come out and film a news segment with you, event gathering or other such coverage of your company. Your business, staff, new developments, (even your business story) make up this local region, so while we don’t guarantee additional coverage for our Straight Sponsorship, we greatly encourage you to provide us news. It’s really a win win relationship. Our unique brand allows for many opportunities to keep your name in the public. This is just one of them. Not only would we love to have you as one of our sponsors, we believe you’ll be equally as glad that you are one. And for that cost, why not be.

Our Unique Approach To Marketing: Additionally, we offer extensive advertising and branding opportunities for everyone. As a community county-wide city platform that represents Freeport Illinois, our viewers come from not just this region, but all throughout the United States. The map shown below is our current nationwide reach (in blue). Our top viewer States for this market are Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa. We have a very unique approach to drawing attention to our city, local areas and creating a lot of buzz about it’s people, way of life and its local products and services. If you’d like to learn more about our reach, costs and time tested marketing possibilities, click here. Our platform is like none you’ve ever seen.



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