10 Year Old Freeport Girl Loses Father, But It’s The Song She Writes That Might Break You

Freeport, Illinois – There aren’t many words to say in a situation where a young child loses a parent. There aren’t words fitting to express that loss or those feelings.

For 10 year old Dashayla Daye, that’s exactly what she faced as a young Freeport girl losing her own father.

Now 17, Dashayla still lives with the memory of her Dad. Just as strong today as the time it happened.

But for Dashayla she found at least one way that helped her find some peace. That way, was through music. Dashayla’s passion has been music ever since she was a little girl.

In July of 2016 Dashayla moved to Macon, Ga to finish her last year of high school. She plans on going to Savannah State University when she graduates.

A few days ago, while thinking of her Dad she came across a catchy instrumental. Dashayla told us, “I just sang what my heart felt” and what came out of that moment of love and loss, was this song.

“I Wrote That Song Because When I Was 10 Years Old My Dad Passed Away”


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