650 Beef Sandwiches, 700 Fresh Cut Fries and 450 Hot Dogs – 312 Beef & Sausage Is A Hit

Freeport, Illinois — August 7, 2017 — After a few soft couple hour openings over the past few weeks, 312 Beef & Sausage opened up to the public ‘full-time’ officially last Thursday and since opening, it looks like the community is claiming this little gem on the corner of Douglas and Galena a really big hit.

“What an unbelievable opening” staff announced on their Facebook page. All told 312 Beef & Sausage says they sold 650 beef sandwiches, 700 orders of fresh cut fries and 450 hot dogs!


_DSC1205 (Copy)

So just a reminder, 312 is a brand new neighborhood Italian Beef, Sausage and Hot Dog joint specializing in quick carryout (and catering) service located in downtown Freeport, Il.

They’re probably going to be the rave so you better get there and check it out.

They are open Monday-Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and you can find their menu and order online at www.312beef.com.

116 W. Douglas St.
Freeport, Illinois
Call (815) 616-8553

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