Tragedy Finds 6th Grade Carl Sandburg Student

Freeport, Illinois — Reports are coming in as of just hours ago of a tragedy in our city regarding a 6th grade Carl Sandburg Middle School student stated to have taken his own life.

Many in the community are expressing their disbelief and thoughts and prayers to the family to what can only be described as utterly heartbreaking.

While we do not have further details of the situation at this time, we believe a notification was made to some in the community by the school.  While we have not received official word, reports have come in of a 6th grader from Carl Sandburg who commuted suicide, allegedly from being bullied although that has not been confirmed.

One person wrote, “Very very sad he was a friend of my daughters. Heartbreaking… my heart goes out to the.. family”.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the staff and students of Carl Sandburg middle school, the whole district, and especially with all the family so so sad to hear – hugging my babies a little tighter tonight”, another said.

“Hearing that message from Carl Sandburg was so heartbreaking.”

We are deeply heartbroken over this news and will release any statement we receive from Carl Sandburg School regarding this situation, once we receive it.


UPDATE: This is from the sister who said that the student suffered with mental illness and was not given the help he needed from the state. The incident, according to her, was not caused by bullying.




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One thought on “Tragedy Finds 6th Grade Carl Sandburg Student

  • May 10, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    Sad thing is there is a lot of bullying going on at Carl Sandburg and no one does anything to stop it. In fact my grandson had his head slammed into a desk by another child and the teacher just stood there. My grandson is different but I thought they were supposed to be taught about diversity and that includes mental health issues. I moved out of state in hopes of getting him into a better school environment. Uniforms did not help. Now they are picked on about the shoes they wear or even the kind of bread they eat. So much for their thoughts on stopping it.


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