And Lily Makes 8 – Freeport Family Opens Their Hearts Again

Freeport, Illinois — Seems the giving spirit never ends for one growing Freeport family who added yet another small addition to their ever growing household recently. At a time of holiday’s and being around loved ones, there really aren’t many stories that can compare to the story of taking in, and loving, a child who is not your own.



Lily came to the Jacobs family just after her 2nd birthday. When you’re a foster parent, part of the foster parent role comes with the knowledge that the first priority is to re-place the child back with the biological parents, when possible. Lily was with the Jacobs family for almost 2 years when she was returned back home.

23561796_10214805949206111_7429032281060831742_nLily was only home for a little over a year when she came back to the Jacobs family, the family told us. Christy said Lily came back just before her 5th birthday.

“When she first came back you could tell she remembered our house and everything but we also had Niah who she had never met.”

Christy said everyone was extremely happy to have Lily back but Troy she said, Troy was a different story at first.

“He (Troy) was a little stand offish but we think he was just scared to get close again”, said Christy.  She said now however that he knows and understands Lily was adopted just like he was, “Troy’s back to his usual self”.

“Lily has been an amazing big sister and our girls look up to her so much”, said Christy. She told us Lily was so excited for her adoption day she was counting down the days. As for family size, Christy says “we are now a family of eight”.

23472910_10214809293849725_2461676242672668760_nHere again, what could have easily been another story of missed birthday’s, smiles gone un-noticed and dreams and hopes that might have been snuffed out, today a new path for another little Freeport girl has been forever altered.

A story of one local family that we have a feeling, isn’t quite done with happy endings.

Congratulations to all the members of the Jacobs family.


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