Aquin Canned Food Drive Raises 3,000 Pounds of Food

Freeport, Illinois – The Aquin Canned Food Drive kicked off on Saturday November 1, 2016 with the goal of donating 12,000 canned goods to FACC (Freeport Area Church Cooperative) for the hungry of the Freeport area.

Aquin students, staff, parents and the community came together to help support this local cause. Aquin students even got to enjoy a friendly competition.

The grand total for this year in donated canned food was 2973.8 pounds. The results of the student competition are as follows:

  • In 6th place with 62.37 pounds is the 12th grade
  • In 5th place with 100.17 pounds is the 10th grade
  • In 4th place with 169.57 pounds is the 11th grade
  • In 3rd place with 483.97 pounds is the 7th grade
  • In 2nd place with 602.37 pounds is the 9th grade
  • Winning the canned food drive with 782.55 pounds was the 8th grade.

Aquin wishes to thank everyone who donated food to the canned food drive.

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