Armed Robbery, Lindo Theater In Alley Two Males

Freeport – Freeport Scanner (here) reported at 5:41 p.m. tonight (December 19, 2015) that two males aged approximately 14 to 15 years were involved in an armed robbery, Lindo Theater in alley. It is reported that the suspects took around $40.00 to $50 dollars in cash. Suspects were reported to be in custody at this time. One person asked, “A knife or a gun?” and Freeport Scanner replied, “Gun”.

We will provide more details as we get them.

Update: Lindo Theatre Manager responds (here) to yesterday’s events;

….this is not an official statement from the Lindo Theatre/Classic Cinemas, but… First, a huge thank you to the FPD for their quick response & catching the two suspects in less than 10 minutes after the incident took place. Second, I have worked at the theatre for almost 15 years and I do not feel any less safe now than I have in the past. These things can happen anywhere, anytime. You just have to be aware of your surroundings. If you ever feel unsafe or see something suspicious near the Lindo, please call the police (that is what they are there for) or notify staff and we will do what we can to help. The downtown is still a safe place to eat, shop and see a movie. This was just a random event.

Here’s what the assistant manager of the Lindo stated;

… A women walks in heavily breathing and says me and my husband were just robbed by gun point. …she said my husband is calling the police now. So offer her some water to calm her down and then run upstairs to get Jami. I tell Jami what is happening …. So she runs downstairs to talk to the couple. While she is doing that I tell all the ushers to stay inside. The police show up and take the couple to the police station. About 10 min later we find out they already have the kids in custody. We later find out it was three 13 year olds and they used an air soft gun. But in those moments it was freaky. 


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