Benchwarmers Location And Multi-Family Residential Building Listed For Sale

Freeport, Illinois — It appears one of our favorite local destinations is on the market. The buildings located at 2143-2145, which are the properties Benchwarmers is located on as well as the multi-family residential building next to it, are listed for sale.

In a real estate listing we found earlier today it listed MLS# 20170259, which is the 5,688 square foot Benchwarmers location sitting on over 3 acres of land off West Galena Avenue in Freeport. The selling price for the properties are listed at $219,900.

The listings state that the commercial building is for sale, stating “Business Sold Separately”. The lot size is 225 x 225 x 460 x 460 and the tax fee is listed at $9,612.04.

Parking for 40+, 5,688 sq ft with Garage and the Multi-Family Residential Building are included.

benchwarmers-for-sale benchwarmers-for-sale3

It appears one of our favorite local destinations is on the market.

Posted by Today In The Port on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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