From Divorce To Vice-President And Pioneer of Home Party Selling – The Brownie Wise Story

Freeport – Brownie Wise propelled Tupperware to skyrocketing success in the 1950s. In this living history program, Leslie Goddard portrays Wise as she tells the story of her rise from a divorced mother selling cleaning supplies at home parties to Vice-President of Tupperware Home Parties. The Tupperware Home Parties she pioneered remain the gold standard for home party selling. For more information call (815-233-3000

Date: Monday, February 22, 2016

Freeport Public Library
100 E. Douglas Street
Freeport. 6:30 pm

Brownie Wise created a social networking marketing system through dealers and sellers that quickly outsold Tupperware’s store sales which caught the attention of Earl Tupper, Tupperware inventor, who invited her to be vice president of Tupperware Home Parties in 1951. She insisted that he market his products exclusively through party plans, where women invited friends and neighbors to a combination social event/sales presentation.

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