City of Freeport Declares Snow Emergency – Winter Parking Regulations In Effect For 48 Hours

Freeport – The Freeport Police Department issued news earlier that beginning Tuesday, December 29th at 8am the City of Freeport has declared a snow emergency. Which means the winter parking regulations will be in effect for 48 hours following the start of this declaration.

See ordinance “486.03, Parking Under Certain Conditions”

Winter Parking Regulations apply every year from December 1 to March 31. A “Snow Event” is defined as any time the Public Works Director declares that a snow event of one or more inches will occur or has occurred. The snow event shall continue for a period of forty-eight hours thereafter. You must park on the even-numbered side of street (generally north and west) on even days of the month. Odd days of the month, you must park on odd-numbered side of street (generally east and south). Streets that have designated parking on one side only for an entire city block are exempt. 8:00 am is the beginning hour for all streets in the City, excepting the Business District where odd-even parking does not apply.

Watch for posting of snow events on local media and on the City’s website. The City will notify the following of Winter Parking Regulations: Freeport Police Department, Journal Standard, WEKZ, Big Radio FM102.1, WIFR, WREX, WTVO, 1440 WROK.

Today In The Port will grab their own. (lol)

For more information, please call the Public Works Department at 815-235-8210. Also check out Police Department Facebook page and the City twitter account @cityoffreeport

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