Cop On A Rooftop – Freeport Police to Partner With Dunkin Donuts For Special Olympics

Freeport, Illinois — We all already know how much police officers love donuts. But when your local donut establishments allow police officers to sit on the roof of their donut shop, well — you know something special must be going on.

On May 19th, 2017 something very special is indeed going on when our local Freeport Police department will be participating in the 15th Annual Dunkin’ Donuts Cop on a Rooftop event.  2017 marks the 15th Anniversary of the Dunkin’ Donuts Cop on Rooftop event with the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics Illinois.

In fact, the event has been a huge success over the years raiding nearly $3.2 million during this great partnership. The Cop on Rooftop event is a fun, unique and easy way to raise money for the athletes of Special Olympics Illinois.

So on May 19th of this year, don’t be surprised to see our local police officers sitting on the roof of our local Dunkin’ Donuts establishment. While yes, we’re sure they’ll be enjoying the delicious donuts during their visit, they will also be there supporting a great cause.

Come out and support our law enforcement representatives on May 19th.


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