Flooded Basements, Sweat, Stench and a Community of People Paying it Forward

Freeport, Illinois — August 1. 2017 — A lot of great local efforts to help others who are suffering through a flooded east side have taken place this week in Freeport.  Yesterday, the FACC began its efforts to begin helping with the cleanup on Freeport’s east side of town and today, they got a boost of help from some great folks of Mt. Carroll.

Dean Wright, the Executive Director of the FACC said today, “This is my world these days”.

“Flooded basements, stench, sweat, mosquitoes, and… Relief efforts on the East Side took a big leap forward today with the help of Richard Miller from Mt. Carroll and his Mennonite disaster relief team made up of men, women, and children from several different Mennonite churches throughout northern Illinois.”

This is my world these days. Flooded basements, stench, sweat, mosquitoes, and the occasional bureaucratic BS. Relief…

Posted by Dean Wright on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Last week the FACC announced it would lead a cleanup effort to assist the hardest hit and most vulnerable areas affected by the recent flooding in the Freeport community. Wright’s organization began Monday operating two cleanup crews that pumped; cleared debris, power sprayed, and bleached basements that have been impacted by flood waters.

Wright said of the help from Richard Miller and his Mennonite disaster relief team, “Those guys were a blessing today”.

In other news alumni and other students of the Freeport Pretzels Speech Team payed it forward today, as together they gave out over 100 meals to help people affected by the recent flooding.

Very proud of alumni and members of my Freeport High School Speech Team serving over 100 meals to flood victims in our community. Freeport Pretzel Speech Cares!

Posted by Tim Connors on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tim Connors, who teaches at Freeport High School said, “Very proud of alumni and members of my Freeport High School Speech Team serving over 100 meals to flood victims in our community.”

If you’d like to learn of ways you can help out our neighbors on the east side of town, reach out to the Salvation Army, or see one of the links provided below.


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