Fourteen Students From Freeport And Rockford Awarded Certifications Through Project Salvage

Freeport, Illinois – Project Salvage, a project of the City of Freeport and several social service agencies, will held their final training and testing June 15th.  A reception was held at the class site where the passing participants received a framed certificate signifying their new certification as a Deconstruction Specialists.

Project Salvage arranged for seventeen (17) low opportunity students to attend deconstruction and salvage training which included ten (10) participants from Freeport and (7) participants from Rockford.  Funding for the course and equipment was provided through Rock River Training and United Way of Northwest Illinois.

Phase 2 of this program will seek to employ these newly certified students through a local not for profit to deconstruct and salvage valuable doors, woodworking, windows and fixtures from a variety of buildings.

The project creation was sparked by community interest in salvaging architecturally significant pieces from older blighted homes and the City of Freeport’s aggressive Blight Reduction Program.  The Project Salvage teams will be available to private homeowners or companies to provide services in addition to bidding on regional blight reduction projects.

The partners are looking to speak to potential sponsors and any interest in becoming a part of our redevelopment strategy should be directed to Nick Jupin by calling 815-599-5810 or by email at

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