Freeport Fire and Freeport Police Battle of The Badges Was a Success

Freeport, Illinois — In an event some hailed as the battle of the century, the battle of the year, yesterday in Freeport Freeport Fire and Freeport Police were sweatin with the oldies as they battled it out in Freeport’s Battle of the Badges competition for charity.

Held at Immauel Luterhan school, hundreds of great local people and many familiar Freeport faces came out to cheer on their favorite team and enjoy an afternoon of fun, food and even a little friendly foul play.

Before the game got underway the festivities included a half court competetion with local Boy’s and Girls Club youth as well as a few free throw shots attempted by other community leaders.

The game kicked off with Lincoln Douglas School’s principal singing the national anthem.

Freeport Fire domainated the Police in the beginning of the first quarter but it wasn’t long before the Freeport Police team started showing their game.

The event brought about by the planning of a couple local policemen and through numerous sponsors helping with food, location, shirts. promotion and time the FREE event brought estimates of 500 people out to help support some great local causes.

But we have a feeling this battle doesn’t end here. Can both teams cope with today’s victory? Will there be a re-match? Will there be a battle of of the badges 2.

Seems like there’s a good possiblity. I’m Greg and you’re watching Today In The Port.

When Police and Fire Go Beyond Serving & Protecting and Battle It Out For Charity: The 1st Annual “Battle of the Badges” between Freeport Fire and Freeport Police was a success. Do we smell a re-match? Watch and Share This. We wish to extend a big thanks to all our Freeport Police and Freeport Fire personnel who serve our community. These men and women face the worst of the worst situations to keep us safe and we appreciate all of them. Thank you to everyone who took part in yesterday’s event.

Posted by Today In The Port on Sunday, January 29, 2017

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