Freeport Gains New Naturalized U.S. Citizen – Meet Ibrahim Gerges

Freeport, Illinois – With all the national headlines seen lately, here’s a wonderful hometown story of what in essence, made America great.

On Friday, September 16, 2016, the city of Freeport gained a new naturalized citizen. Say hello to Ibrahim Gerges, Freeport’s newest (U.S.) resident.

Ibrahim was raised in Cairo, Egypt and grew up dreaming about winning the lottery and giving half of the proceeds to the poor.  Some of his favorite memories are from spending time at his Grandpa’s farm in the summertime, enjoying animals and nature.

Ibrahim Gerges

While in Egypt, Ibrahim worked for Hewlett Packard, then started his own computer business. He came to the United States in 2006, and has fallen in love with the freedom in our great country. One day, he plans to start a business here in Freeport.

Ibrahim can be seen wearing a smile wherever he goes, and he is so excited about what the future holds as he serves in this great community. If you see Ibrahim out and about, make sure you stop and say hi, shake his hand and give a warm Pretzel City welcome to Freeport.


Beloved Church Freeport, Illinois
Beloved Church Freeport, Illinois


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