Freeport Police Caught Doing Random Acts of Kindness

Freeport, Illinois – In yet another time where police are under fire, here in Freeport, we are happy to report our officers are busy worrying about the things that are truly important; Our People.

Resident, Christine Busker was out on a walk with her two children the other day, when in an uncommon gesture, a Freeport Police officer stopped them. Why did he stop? He simply stopped to say hello to three of our local residents and engage in a friendly dialog with two of our city’s young ones.

Christine told us that “this kind officer stopped to say hello to my children when we were out walking today“, adding, “he even showed Oliver (her son) how to turn on the lights of his car“.  The positive impact just this one gesture has on our youth is priceless.

We are reminded during times like this of the immense responsibility police officers have.  Not only in their roles to serve and protect us, but in times when their positions come under so much negative fire. It’s easy to be bitter by what officers see everyday in their jobs and hard not to be tainted by what they hear in the national news, yet as you can see, some officers still find the time to show kindness and a little bit of love to our citizens.

Being a police officer isn’t all about catching the bad guys. It’s also about setting an example for the good.  There is no better place to see that happening, than in Freeport.

(Pictured Harmony Busker age 11, Oliver Busker age 2)

One thought on “Freeport Police Caught Doing Random Acts of Kindness

  • July 12, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    Thank you to all the Freeport police for your dedication and support in this great community. I especially want to thank Policewoman Stovall for helping my granddaughter Kyrsten Kuhse and her dog Bailey yesterday when they were attacked by a vicious dog while walking down the street.Your compassion and kindness are greatly appreciated.

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