Freeport Police Chief Todd Barkalow Celebrates 25 Years On The Force Today

Freeport, Illinois — Twenty five years is a long time to be a police officer. Sure, maybe a little easier in Freeport as compared to say, oh, Cabrini Green, but rest assured there are plenty of Freeport people to keep a police officer like Todd Barkalow busy for 25 years.

Remember when he pulled over that one guy for driving thru the school bus stop arm?

Here’s one.

How many other stories do you think Todd could tell over his past 25 years on the force? It’s hard to even imagine the things he’s seen.

Plus if you ever have a chance to get to know him or spend a little time around him, you realize our police chief is actually a really great guy. Today, on this Thursday March 22, 2018, Todd celebrates his 25 year anniversary on the police force.

We appreciate what you do Chief and all the ways you have not only done your service to our community, but in all the ways you go beyond, that people seldom hear about. Congrats on 25 years today.

(Oh, and here’s that time he pulled over that one guy.)

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