Freeport Swimmer Jada Veer Breaks 1993 FAST Record

Freeport, Illinois — It doesn’t take much more than a glance inside Freeport sports to see no matter which sport our local athletes are involved in, time and time again we see them shine like true stars in their field.

Shining like a bright star is exactly what Freeport swimmer Jada Veer did yesterday, when she broke a 1993 FAST record in the 100 Butterfly swim held at the 2018 Illinois Winter Swim Championship in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

The 25 year old record was previously held by Emily Pisula, who in her own swim career once qualified for the Olympics. Pisula’s record in the 100 Butterfly was 1:08.46 but was broken by Veer yesterday who set the now new ‘record to beat’ at 1:07.78.

“We would like to spend a special thank you to our Coach Mike Regan” FAST told us. “He is a rock for the girls this weekend, and such an educational mentor.”

Veer, who is just 10 years old and has been swimming for 3.5 years, also placed 3rd in the 500 Freestyle at the event this weekend. We are told Veer also broke a team record in the 500 Freestyle that was set last year.

At the time of this article, Veer was sitting at the 7th highest points standing of all 10 & under girls at the 2018 Illinois Winter Swim Championship.





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