FSD Board of Education Meeting Highlights – Dr. Edward Finch Elected Board President

Freeport, Illinois — At last night’s Board of Education meeting, the board recognized and thanked Mr. Terry Groves (16 years) and Mr. Billy Shroyer (4 years) for their years of service to the school district. Mr. Shroyer, who has served as Board President for the past two years, also shared remarks about the efforts and progress that have taken place in the district during his term.

Additionally, with the reorganized seating of newly elected board members Shirley Bradley and George McCarty, as well as re-elected member Janice Crutchfield the board proceeded to determine its officers, unanimously electing Dr. Edward Finch as Board President, Mrs. Janice Crutchfield as Vice-President, and Greta Harrell as Secretary. Vicky Hoffman was appointed Treasurer. Committee assignments were also made.

The board also established the schedule for 2017-2018 Board of Education meetings. The Board will meet at 6 PM at Freeport Middle School on the first and third Tuesday of each month except when otherwise noted on the schedule.

In addition, the board received an update on a partnership between Freeport High School and Mechnical Inc.

Because FHS has a Computer-Aided Design class that closely aligns with the skillset needed for Mechanical, the company appointed an employee to work with the FHS instructor and identify students that would make good future employees. Mechanical has been able to provide internship opportunities to these students.

The board also approved proposed changes to Facility Use Policy 410.08. The policy was out of date and in need of review and the board approved a motion following closed session to appoint Ms. Renee Coleman as Freeport Middle School Principal on a 1-year contract and Mr. Ben Asche as Carl Sandburg Middle School Principal on a 1-year contract.

Ms. Coleman and Mr. Asche will begin their new positions on July 1st, 2017. Ms. Coleman succeeds Mr. Nick Swords and Mr. Asche succeeds Dr. Kathy Jenkins.

The public is always invited and encouraged to attend Freeport School District Board of Education meetings.

The next scheduled regular meeting will be held Tuesday, May 16th​ at 6:00 PM​ ​at Freeport Middle School​ ​at 701 W. Empire Street.


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