FSD Releases Re-Opening Plan

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — The Freeport School District announced they have arrived at what staff and leaders feel is a preferred model of instruction at each grade level within the school system as school opens up again.

The district said with guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), and state and local public health officials they have had a great deal of discussions with teams of staff, visited classrooms across the district to physically lay out spaces and consider both the instructional environment and the safety of staff and students, and have arrived at a preferred model of instruction at each grade level band (PreK, K-6, 7-12).

“We are now working with our board, district leaders, staff, parents and community providers to establish details so that a more complete picture of the school year plan can be provided, using the following model:”


Full-day: All students in person every day, Monday-Friday. All students are self-contained with one teacher in one classroom Half-day: Same as full day

K-6: All In-Person Instruction

All students in person every day, Monday-Friday. All students are self-contained with one teacher in one classroom. Students will be trained for virtual instruction during the first two weeks of school. Each student will be assigned a chromebook for the year. Those chromebooks will go home with students should full remote instruction be needed at any point.

7-12: Blended In-Person/ Remote Instruction

The district said to support physical distancing, learning occurs both in-person and virtually with students attending two days a week on campus. All students have chromebooks 24/7. Mon/Thu: A Group Wed: All Virtual Learning Day/Deep Cleaning Day of School Buildings Tue/Fri: B Group.

“We are committed to weekly communications to our families and the community as the plan is established. In addition to weekly communications, we will be providing a virtual “Parent Q&A” session, in the near future . Also parents will have the option to ask questions via our website, we will communicate when that platform is ready for use. We will use those questions to create an FAQ document that will be accessible via the website.”

“It is important to note that our School Board has helped our District make in person instruction possible by continuing their commitment to lower class sizes and increased adult support in each building. Each elementary building has their own nurse, social worker, family resource counselor. These commitments to supporting our students’ educational programming is the reasons why our District will be able to provide in person instruction daily with our youngest students.”

The most important requirements that were shared in ISBE’s back to school document that you should know of ahead of time, the district said, are:

● The use of appropriate protective equipment (PPE), including face coverings for all individuals (students and adults)

● Social distancing of 6 feet apart be observed, as much as possible

● Schools conduct symptom screenings and temperature checks or require that individuals self-certify that they are free of symptoms before entering school buildings

● Increase in schoolwide cleaning and disinfection

● Prohibit more than 50 individuals from gathering in one space

“Ongoing guidance from the ISBE, state and local health departments and our school board may warrant changes in the details of our process. Again, we are committed to communicating with you, answering your questions and working to alleviate your concerns.”

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