Furst-McNess Announces Acquisition of Swartz Ag Manufacturing Facility

Freeport – Furst-McNess Company, a livestock feed and nutrition company which provides a variety of feedstuffs, services, and programs to the dairy, beef, swine, and poultry industries throughout the U.S. and Canada, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Swartz Ag manufacturing facility in Montezuma, GA effective November 2, 2015.

“We are thrilled with this acquisition,” said Joel Reed, Vice President of Furst-McNess. “We have worked closely with Swartz and their employees over the past several years, and this acquisition is a natural fit for our company.”

Furst-McNess is a family-owned business founded in 1908.  This new manufacturing facility for Furst-McNess produces crude and refined cottonseed oil, and cotton cake, which is used to make several pelleted, cubed, and tub products.  In addition, the Montezuma facility is capable of producing dairy-quality ground corn.

Furst-McNess will retain employees currently working at the facility. “Our company just got stronger.” according to Reed, “We’ve added exceptional talent and manufacturing capabilities to our company through this acquisition, which will in turn bring additional value to our customers.

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