H. Hargrove Christmas Collection Exhibit Coming To De Luna Fine Art Gallery

Freeport, Illinois — This Saturday in downtown Freeport, Illinois a true holiday treasure is coming to town. On December 10th, 2016 De Luna Fine Art Gallery, located at 2 East Main is opening a gallery with works by one of America’s most popular living artists, H. Hargrove.

You are invited to come visit the gallery for the opening of a Christmas Collection which is sure to amaze all who see the works on display

H. Hargrove was born Nicolo Sturiano in Marsala, Italy in 1941. At the age of 23, he came to the United States with a degree in wine chemistry.

His career as wine chemist soon changed direction while working for a winery in upstate New York when he discovered the American countryside and became passionate about the beauty and antiquity of the weathered barns and covered bridges. After earning citizenship he adopted an American pseudonym under which to paint.

H. Hargrove has been referred to by some as a poet with a brush; by others as a compelling visual storyteller. The artist has chronicled American life and celebrated traditional American values in his paintings.

DeLuna Fine Art gallery is located in Historic Downtown Freeport, Illinois. They offer original and limited edition paintings (oil, giclees, etchings, original lithographs, serigraphs) by mainstream and commercially represented artists as Pino, Vitaly Mikhailov, Berberyan, Stan Lee, Vidan, Thomas Kinkade, and of course, H. Hargrove.

They also offer those from developing and local artists.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about De Luna Fine Art Gallery, call (815) 616-5101.


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