Heitter Rd. Animal Hoarding — Two Years Later

Freeport, Illinois — July 13, 2017 — Nearly 150 animals were found on that warm July day back in 2015. Stephenson County Animal Control received a complaint about the home located in the 1300 block of Heitter Road, and much to everyone’s horror, the situation turned into what is considered the largest animal rescue in Stephenson County ever.

149 dogs and cats were found in or around the home, more than 30 dogs were running around outside and inside the home, feces were found everywhere, dogs were everywhere on counters, in the cupboard and in the stove. 70 of the 149 animals were dead.

The woman renting the house at the time was 45-year-old Tina McKinnon, who plead guilty to animal cruelty charges and was sentenced to two years probation.  She was not allowed to own any animals and was also ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation. The judge also ordered her to pay $89,000 to the landlord of the home she was renting.

Today there are only 3 animals left from that 2015 tragedy. All the living animals have been adopted out to kind, loving homes.

The Stephenson County Animal Control told us today that of the 3 left, 2 had been adopted out but had been returned to the shelter. The other dog they said, is a special needs dog.  The Stephenson County Animal Control told us all 3 dogs remaining have since had obedience training.

This Friday from 7 AM – 5 PM, Hilldale Deli in downtown Freeport is holding a fundraiser to help the final 3 dogs left from the Heitter Rd tragedy. Hilldale is offering a 10% day in which they will donate 10% of the days sales to the Stephenson County Animal Control for the care of the 3 dogs that remain, and to help with the other animals within the care of Animal Control.

Hilldale Deli is located at 30 W Stephenson St, Freeport.

If you would be interested in helping adopt any one of the final 3 dogs remaining from the Heitter Rd. tragedy, or would like to learn about any other pet animal control may have, you can visit the Stephenson County Animal Control at 295 W. Lamm Rd in Freeport, IL.

Their telephone number is 815-235-8276.


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