Internationally Acclaimed Artist ‘Vitaly Mikhailov’ Coming To De Luna Fine Art Gallery In Freeport

Vitaly MikhailovArtist Vitaly Mikhailov is coming to Freeport.

Mikhailov was born in the Soviet Union in 1969 and during his youth, his teachers noted a unique artistic talent displayed in his everyday homework illustrations, which were self-motivated.  He also liked participating in school plays from early childhood. The subsequent encouragement he received from his family and teachers fueled his desire to be an artist.

Vitaly graduated first in his class and received an appointment to the prestigious Kharkov Art and Industrial Academy.  He continued studies there from 1991 until 1999 when he graduated.  He completed and received masters’ degrees in Art Education, Graphic Design, Easel Painting, Anatomy/Zoology, and Restoration.

He then continued toward his doctorates degrees in Fine Art Easel Painting and Art Education.  He completed in each subject one hundred hours past his masters degrees.

He has a great appreciation for the late 18th and 19th century styles of art and art restoration, but he follows in the footsteps of the Renaissance Masters.  He speaks his native Ukraine language as well as Russian and French and he speaks his native Ukraine language as well as Russian and French.

Mikhailov has painted many images of French and Parisian lifestyles, as well as the French coast and countryside. Parisian scenes, coastal images (especially of the Bay of Biscay region), as well as the Loire Valley’s rolling hills, chateaus, and vineyards have been and will continue to be a place of solace for him.

On July 1st (Friday), come meet internationally-acclaimed artist Vitaly Mikhailov at De Luna Fine Art Gallery – 2 East Main St. in Downtown Freeport.


Photo of Vitaly Mikhailov:

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