Jansen Heating Air Conditioning & Electric Pay It Forward To Help Local Veteran

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — It’s one of those local stories you just love hearing about involving a few local men and women, a veteran and a local company all paying it forward to help out one of our own.

US Army Sergeant Mason Hellwig of Freeport had been experiencing high heating bills due to the brutal cold weather we’ve seen here lately. Costly high, as in $700 for just one month, merely to heat his home. It just so happened Jansen Heating Air Conditioning & Electric were giving away FREE Armstrong Furnace to a lucky winner at the time.  Seeing the chance Sergeant Hellwig, who is currently a recruiter in the area, entered the drawing with hopes of being the winner.

The giveaway was for a completely brand new Armstrong Furnace with the intention of the giveaway being a replacement to an existing furnace. Jansen Heating would install and replace the furnace but ductwork was not part of the giveaway offer.

Then one day Sergeant Hellwig got the notice he’d been hoping for. Jansen Heating had chosen their winner and much to his surprise, and excitement, he was the chosen one. He had just won a brand new furnace.

But, there was a problem.

When Jansen Heating came out to inspect Sergeant Hellwig’s home they realized his home was all electric and that his heat, came through electric baseboards, not ducts. That meant technically even though Sergeant Hellwig just won a FREE furnace, he’d have to eat the cost of the ductwork needed in his home. So much for a FREE furnace giveaway and that, didn’t sit well with Jansen Heating.

“After seeing Mason’s situation and with our sincere appreciation of him being on active duty in the US Army, we expanded the scope of the giveaway to include all new ductwork along with the furnace”, the company stated in a social media post last week.


When we spoke with the company this week, they told us their entire staff is humbled to be able to help out Sergeant Hellwig in the manner they were able to. In a day of fake giveaways and small hidden fine print, it’s nice to see there are still local companies out there willing to go the extra mile for people, even when they don’t have to. Usually, it’s the other way around.

Since installing the furnace, Mason said his home is warmer than it has ever been and he’s noticed a significant savings in his heating bill.

“We were thrilled to hear how happy Mason is with his new Armstrong furnace.”



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