Jury Returns Verdict In Manner of Death for Patrick and Carlotta Davis

Stephenson County, Illinois — From the office of the Coroner of Stephenson County, Illinois a press release issued this morning said that today at the Stephenson County Court house the Coroner’s held an Inquest and the Jury returned a verdict in the manner of death for Patrick and Carlotta Davis.

In mid February of this year news shook the Freeport community when the story of the tragic death Patrick and Carlotta Davis’ in their home on one of Freeport’s most peaceful sides of town was released.

At approximately 12:30 A.M. on 02/15/17, the Freeport Police Department received a call from the Logan County Illinois Sherriff’s Office inquiring if the police Department could make contact with the residents that live in the 100 block of Park Crest Dr.

Officers of the Freeport Police Department went to the residence in the 100 block of Park Crest Dr. to make contact with the registered owners. The Officer could see two individuals inside the residence that appeared to be unresponsive. Officers made entry into the residence and found the residents deceased.

According to the Stephenson County Coroner, Patrick Davis was found to have sustained multiple stab wounds along with his wife Carlotta.

The manner of death determined today was found to be Homicide on both victims.


Cover photo – Carlotta and Patrick Davis Family gofundme page.

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