Keeping The Doors Open, Logan’s Saved By Loyal Customers

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — Unless you have owned a business for any length of time it is nearly impossible to understand the struggles of what it takes to keep your doors open on a day to day basis. No matter what the endeavor the level of multi-tasking alone, not withstanding the investment, would be enough to make most people lose their minds. Yet business owners struggle with it daily all because of this inner desire they have to provide something of value to the public. Every business owner has it. They want to give something of value to you.

Logan’s Bar and Grill has been serving Freeport for the past 15 years. Michelle Magee, owner since 2013, recently opened up about a tough decision she had to make after April, May, June, and July were some of what she says were the worst months the restaurant has experienced, financially.

“I think the misconception is that just because there are people in the building, we are successful, said Magee. “We host two community or school groups a month for our giveback program and we helped save the city’s fireworks show,” she said. “We also offer rooms for events at no charge and host our own weekly events like comedy, crafts, live music, trivia, and karaoke.” Events she says that bring people through the door, but one’s that aren’t always paying the bills.

“I want honesty”, said Magee. “I want folks to understand.” “Our rent for our building space is $5600 a month, alone.”

After months of “hoping the next month would be better” and trying new things, Magee says she turned to her loyal customers and staff for support and two anonymous supporters stepped up with $18,000 to keep Logan’s doors open. Magee said she was shocked and humbled by the loyalty of her customers.

Logan’s isn’t like most restaurants. When the owner sees a need in the community she is usually the first one there to help fill the void.  She steps up to the plate and gives back. If you go to Logan’s website it reads;

At Logan’s we strive to make the community which we live in our main focus. We do this by giving back to those who live here, as well as giving back to our community as a whole. We frequently host events focused on our community. Perhaps you have heard about these events and maybe have even attended some. Fundraisers for both Freeport high schools and Highland Community College sports teams is always well received. Individual fundraisers for those in Freeport and nearby communities battling illnesses and the uninsured expenses is dear to us. We also host events that we hope bring people together and encourages them to meet new people.

Logan’s slogan is ‘where community is #1 and customers become family‘. Magee adds, “and that’s 100% the honest truth.”

Magee also said when the restaurant decided to focus on quality of food and raise prices accordingly is when they also saw a slow decline.  She says if you’re not eating out or you’re finding yourself in line at fast food restaurants, you’re not helping keep the doors open at the many local establishments.

“How often do you see Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Burger King on any advertisements supporting our community events? Never. How often do you see places like Logan’s, Route 20, Mort’s, Pub 219 supporting our community events? Often! Support them”, she says. “Support those who keep community events possible.”

Logan’s is open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m., and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Food can be ordered online for pick up or delivery at They also have a drive thru window.

Upcoming national entertainment include: Josh Morningstar with Ben Danaher October 25th; Bart Crow with Charles Wesley Godwin November 9th; Sunny Sweeney with Brennan Leigh and Jason Eady December 6th. The Halloween Pub Crawl is November 2nd. Tickets are available online at


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