Local CEO Sends A Message Directly To Perpetrator In Recent Shots Fired Case

Freeport – In light of the recent shots fired on North Adelbert where the bullet went through an apartment window, Larry Williams, CEO/Chief Executive Officer of the Freeport Housing Authority sends a message directly to the person or parties responsible for this latest potential deadly event. In his announcement, Mr. Williams states;

Perpetrator, Please know your behaviors are reckless, destructive and irresponsible and the result could be someone innocent, such as a child, getting hurt or the worst result, killed. As the CEO of the Housing Authority, it is my responsibility to help protect the residents of the housing authority. So to that end I will use every resource at my disposal to ensure I assist law enforcement in making sure you are caught and held responsible for your irresponsible actions. The Housing Authority has a Zero Tolerance Policy for violence on our property. There are definitely many other options to resolve issues other than violence and murder but if you continue with this option, please know you will be held responsible. Please remember violence doesn’t just hurt the one you intend to hurt, it effects their family, friends, the community, and YOU!

Officers were called to North Aldelbert when reports of shots fired had been made. If you have any information about who the person or persons are who were involved in this event, contact the Freeport Police Department at 815-235-8222

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