Local Artist Carrie Baxter To Show In Chicago

Freeport, Illinois – Carrie Baxter is a local artist who will participate in an upcoming five person group exhibition titled Beyond Urban: the work of Baxter, Hamilton, Graehound, Lesperance & Sevener.  Beyond Urban is a fine art exhibition featuring work created by artists who are living in the vicinity of Chicago, but are outside the city’s limits.

Local Artist, Carrie Baxter, to show in Chicago
Local Artist, Carrie Baxter, to show in Chicago

Curated by Joe and Kathleen Isacson, the artwork in this show explores social and personal narratives through compositions that are alternately figurative and abstract.  The exhibition includes selections of encaustic, mixed media and paintings, all created by artists living in the “the land between” urban and rural environments.

This five featured artists include: Carrie Baxter (Freeport, IL), Carol Hamilton (Harvard, IL), Graehound (Bloomington, IL), Cindy Lesperance (Crystal Lake, IL), and Jeffrey Sevener (Crystal Lake, IL).

This exhibition will debut on Friday June 17th from 7-10pm in the ACS Gallery (Arts and Cultural Strategies) which is housed on the 4th floor of the Zhou B. Art Center at 1029 W. 35th St, Chicago, IL.  This date will also coincide with the 3rd Friday open house event held monthly at the Zhou B. Art Center.

List of Artists:

Carrie Baxter, carriebaxter.com

Carol Hamilton, carolhamiltonarts.com

Graehound (Elizabeth Graehling), graehound.com

Cindy Lesperance, cindylesperance.com

Jeffrey Sevener, J7Arts.com

Carrie Baxter Bio and Artist Statement

Carrie Baxter is a local artist who was raised n Pearl City and now lives and works in Freeport Illinois. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio painting and a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies from Northern Illinois University (NIU). Carrie’s artwork is regularly exhibited throughout the Midwest at regional juried and group shows including the Monroe Arts Center, Woodlawn Arts Academy, and the Woodstock Old Court House Art Center. In addition to her art career, Carrie is currently the Collections and Exhibitions Manager at the Freeport Art Museum where she curates exhibitions including regional and national artists.

Carrie incorporates texture into her artwork in order to create a psychological struggle within the viewer. Although traditionally it has become socially unacceptable to touch art works displayed in public settings, her textured paintings provoke an overwhelming desire for the viewer to reach out and touch the surface in order to know what it feels like. This desire places the viewer at an impasse where they have to decide whether or not to control their tactile impulses. This curiosity provides the audience an additional form of experiencing the work.

Carrie is frequently influenced by the natural world, and her Delicious Mud series is inspired by Yellowstone National Park. During multiple visits to the park, she observed the landscape with its numerous geysers, hot springs and mud pots, from which water flowed.  The flowing water deposits minerals and bacteria over the surrounding rock and sediment, therefore causing the growth of the microbial mats (also known as bacterial mats) which in turn create patterns of various colors and forms. Carrie mimics these natural abstractions in her paintings through the process of applying numerous layers of texture and color. This layering technique is similar to the way the mats are naturally formed over time. Through her work, Carrie hopes that her viewers will be encouraged to find an appreciation and respect for all natural places.  (Carrie Baxter 2016)

Joe and Kathleen Isacson, Curators

Joe and Kathleen Isacson are a husband and wife team who curated the new group exhibition ‘Beyond Urban’ exhibit at ACS Gallery. Joe and Kathleen are both artists who also enjoy supporting the arts by curating exhibitions for regional art venues and organizing local and national juried exhibition opportunities in Northwest Illinois. http://xculturearts.com

ACS Gallery- Renée LaVerné Rose

I am committed to providing quality services that will ultimately create a significant economic impact to amplify international cultural exchange & exhibitions, increase visibility for artists, nurture artists’ communities globally, and act as a catalyst to foster corporate sponsorship/endorsements that are in line with the philosophy of Arts & Culturally Strategies, Inc (ACS) projects. I know my strategic approach can move ACS project initiatives toward successful outcomes. I am dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives through enriching arts and cultural exchange projects. (Renée LaVerné Rose: Publisher, Consultant, Gallerist & Curator at the Arts & Cultural Strategies, Inc.,

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