Looks Like Drug Dealing and Gang Related Activity Is Coming To An End In Freeport

Freeport, Illinois — The message is loud and clear. If you’re dealing drugs or involved in any gang related activity in the city of Freeport your time is coming to an end, says city of Freeport Police Chief Todd Barkalow. If you’re involved in the drug field or in gang activity, the police know, they’re already watching you and it’s just a matter of time before they take you off the streets.

That message was sent loud and clear as this past Thursday, September 20th twenty low to middle-tier street level alleged drug dealers were arrested and taken off the streets as part of a two year investigation.

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Freeport police held news conference Friday highlighting the arrests they made. Those arrests include;

  • Kendrick Baker, 32, arrested on two warrants for cocaine.
  • Zyrell Scott, 20, arrested for theft.
  • Brandon Herold, 33, arrested for delivery of cocaine and hydrocodone within 500 feet of a park.
  • William Schnitzler, 40, arrested for delivery of cocaine.
  • Dennis Anderson, 62, arrested for delivery of methamphetamine.
  • Alvin Brown, 42, arrested for delivery of cocaine.
  • Linda Oppold, 57, arrested for delivery of oxycodone.
  • Tony Anderson, 64, arrested for delivery of cocaine.
  • Robert Johnson, 28, arrested on two charges of delivery of heroin.
  • Randall Pruitt, 55, arrested for delivery of hydrocodone.
  • Kenneth Harris, 51, arrested for delivery of oxycodone.
  • Leonard Bradley, 53, arrested for delivery of cocaine.
  • Jody Shores, 42, arrested for delivery of MDMA, more commonly known as ecstasy.
  • Randall Chezem, 57, arrested for delivery of hydrocodone.
  • Julie Olson, 38, arrested for delivery of alprazolam, more commonly known as xanax.
  • Randon Williams, 34, arrested for delivery of cocaine.
  • Mary Moore, 24, arrested on cocaine charges.
  • Cordre Rucker, 24, arrested for possession of cannabis, 100-500 grams.
  • Karen Driver, 45, arrested on fentanyl charges.
  • Demetrius Jones, 26, arrested for delivery of methamphetamine.

On August 30th of this year, just one month ago, nearly 200 other law enforcement officials from the Freeport Police Department, Rockford Area Violent Gang Task Force and  Stateline Area Narcotics Team participated in the arrests of six more middle- to upper-tier suspected drug dealers. Police also seized four firearms and $65,000 in cash. Those arrests included;

  • Joseph “Big Joe” Coleman
  • Tristan “Whip” Euell
  • Anthony “Blimp” Thompson,
  • Frank “Nub” Howard,
  • Kyran “Skinny” Williams
  • Terrance “Sleepy” Young

So far a total of 29 drug dealers off the streets in Freeport and more are coming Police Chief Barkalow says.  The police department says they are also actively looking for 8 other suspects. Two additional suspects, James Foster, 26, and Javontay Langford, 23, are currently in custody for other jurisdictions who will be served felony warrants at a later date.


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