New Business ‘American Garage Art’ Sponsoring Art Contest To Replace Billboard

Freeport, Illinois — Here’s another Freeport destination soon to grace the streets of Downtown Freeport. American Garage Art, soon to be located downtown Freeport, will specialize in handmade local art which is sold locally and nationally focused on highlighting Freeport’s amazing local talent.

Recently the staff announced they are holding an art contest to replace the billboard pictured below with a more appropriate one.

american art garage2
The contest is being held to replace the billboard above, which will be painted on a metal surface and mounted in the same space as the billboard residents see now.

The goal is to show off the skills of the workers and accomplishments of our people. Staff says they want to rely on the skills and creativity of our artisans to celebrate our history and culture.

While official rules will be posted at a later date, the winner will receive a cash prize and also have their art work displayed at American Garage Art. They are currently working on opening in July, with an exact date to be announced at a later date.

On February 21, 2017 they announced that American Garage Art and American Garage USA will be coming to Freeport. We’ll keep you posted on further developments and contest rules as they become available.


Cover photo and billboard photo:

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