#1 Feels Good – Freeport’s Highland Cougar Men’s Bowling Team Comes Home to Cheering Crowd

Freeport, Illinois — #1 Feels Good. Freeport’s Highland Cougar Men’s Bowling team comes home to a cheering crowd as 2018 national champions.

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Congratulations to the entire team, coaches, Highland and all the Moms and Dads and others who supported these guys on their journey to #1.

Nicely done.

Below is a video of them arriving home, with full on escort. Your Highland Men’s 2018 NJCAA Champs came home today and received a State Police escort into the city of Freeport, (with the help of the Stephenson County Sheriff’s Department) where Freeport Police and Freeport, Davis, Dakota, Freeport Rural, Pearl City and Rock City Fire brought them home in style.

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