Operation Stupid. Three More Idiots Commit Crime In Freeport. Warning, This Is Not Oceans 11

Crime-BeatFreeport, IL – Just when you thought you had heard and seen it all, you know how it goes, wham, someone hits you with a surprise left hook and once again you’re stuck posing yourself the same old question;

“What The…?”

Well, it appears our local thieves and criminals in Freeport are yet again getting their creative juices going and carving out special “operations” to commit more stupid crimes in our city.

Today’s Operation Stupid Winners are Cassie A. (last name left out) and the “clowns” who attempted to rob Sullivan’s Foods a few week’s back and walked away with nothing. That’s right. Zilcho, notta, zero baby.

Cassie A. (who is innocent until proven guilty) was charged with theft by the Freeport Police Department because she allegedly stole a dog. Not just stole as in hopped a fence in the middle of the night and grabbed fluffy from off his chain, oh no. This person, (who is noted as being an animal trainer) is alleged to have told the dogs’ owners that their beloved dog, their little “member” of the family, (their “mans best friend), had died.  That’s right, according to Freeport police, she told the owners that their dog had went up to heaven. Fluffy, was pushing daisies.

Problem for her though, is the dog was discovered by the Freeport Police in her car not long after. And yep, you guessed it, the dog was alive and well.  She is now in custody.

The other incident involved two men who walked into Sullivan’s Foods to rob the place. They left with what must have felt like the jackpot in their hands, only to find that what they had grabbed, was an empty cash box. They didn’t get a penny.

And the Oscar goes to….

We will be airing our weekly segment with Freeport Mayor Jim Gitz who talks about the Sullivan’s Foods event. Watch for that broadcast on our Political Channel.


Please note: Any individuals referred to here are presumed innocent until proven guilty. This article is written for entertainment and awareness purposes only.

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