Re-Inventing History — PHK Bicycles & Skateboards Has A Big Vision For Freeport

Freeport, Illinois — May 21, 2017 — Located right next to Union Dairy in downtown Freeport is PHK Bicycles & Skateboards and the owner of this downtown retail business has a vision for this entire corner.

We’ve aired a few photos of the location previously.

Imagine here an outdoor BMX Track and Skate Park with a fully stocked retail store (which it already is), an outdoor picnic seating area, small bistro for light sandwiches or water, and perhaps a stopping point for bike riders to maybe even stay a night, for those traveling the trails.

This entire corner from PHK Bicycles to the Union Dairy could come alive again with two family friendly (and teen friendly) hangout spots full of things to do.

PHK Bicycles is raising money from the community to bring this vision to life. If you have questions you can call (815) 616-8081

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