Robert Dixon Joins Seaga Team As New Marketing Manager

Freeport, Illinois — May 4, 2017 – Premiere vending machine manufacturer Seaga, with headquarters in Freeport, Ill., hires a local talent to spearhead their marketing team. Marketing Manager, Robert Dixon joined the Seaga family on the 24th of April with hopes of adding significant value to the rapidly growing company in a highly competitive vending industry.

“Seaga is more than just a vending machine manufacturer, it’s a family, with people that are passionate, not only about the products they sell but about the environment they work in and the people they work with. They have a drive and a belief in the company that you don’t see all that often. It’s really an inspiring thing to appreciate,” said Dixon.

President and CEO, Steve Chesney, has expanded Seaga Manufacturing significantly over the past three decades, not just in manufacturing size or global integration, but also in product range, technology innovation, and engineering implementation. Seaga manufactures a full range of vending equipment from full line to inventory control vending. The company offers worldwide sales and distribution of quality equipment, parts, and technology for the vending industry.

The addition of Dixon to the marketing team is an emblem of Seaga’s continued commitment to its customers and its brand. With over 16 years of design and digital marketing experience, Dixon is a valuable asset to the Seaga team.

For more information about Seaga Manufacturing and their full line of products please visit, email: or call: 815-297-9500.

Seaga serves the world with innovative, value driven space efficient designs that inspire sales in a wide variety of locations.



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