See A Hat, Scarf Or Gloves Tied To A Public Place? This Is What It Means

Freeport, Illinois – A local effort is underway that makes basic necessities to keep warm through the winter, available to local people who are in need.

Unlike other ways where those who are in need visit a store or a particular location to pick up items of need, these items to keep toasty during the cold months are located at random public places all throughout the city, usually downtown.

Sort of like, a random act of kindness in a way.

If you see a scarf, mittens, gloves, a hat or another similar item tied to a tree, post, bike rack or other public place with a positive note attached to it, it’s an item part of the Chase The Chill effort that here locally benefits people in Freeport and in Rockford.

What Is Chase The Chill?

Chase The Chill is an annual event started by Susan Huxley in Easton, PA., where people coming together to help those in need by making handmade scarves, hats and gloves to give away.

Founded in 2008 Chase the Chill combines art, charity, and yarn bombing. According to the Chase the Chill website, their mission is to celebrate the art and beauty of knitting and crocheting, building community, generating positive interest in a location, and sharing with others.

Chase the Chill is an annual graffiti/yarn bombing event that distributes scarves in public places so that those in need—regardless of income and without any qualifiers—can help themselves.

Scarves draped on trees, bridge walkways, signs, and other public locations appeared overnight in downtown Easton for the first time in fall 2010. Each one included a hang tag inviting anyone to claim ownership of the scarf.

The local group called Chase The Chill in Rockford and Freeport, IL announced their 3rd annual Chase The Chill event took place in Freeport Saturday November 26, 2016 and will take place in Rockford November 26, 2016.

The group says they have received numerous donations from Freeport, Rockford and everywhere in between and that they are always amazed to see how many generous, kind hearted and loving people we have in our community.

How Can You Help?


•Knit, crochet or sew scarves, hats and gloves.
•Donate yarn, fleece, cardstock or your time.
•Collect handmade items or materials and drop off at a collection site.
•Spread the word to family, friends and on social media.

If you’re out and about and see a scarf, mittens, gloves, a hat or another similar item, now you’ll know why.

If you would like to reach out to the group, you can do so on their Facebook page which is located here.



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