SHOOTING UPDATE: Two Shootings, Car Chase and Attempted River Escape Being Reported

Freeport, Illinois — More information is coming in about the afternoon shooting in Freeport. We have just received unconfirmed reports that there were allegedly two shootings. Both of which are said to be related.

In addition to the shooting on Walnut and Float at Empire there is also a Water Rescue (man fleeing in water) on Rock City Road and River Road.

From what we are being told both shootings are related although this has not been confirmed.

Reports state that a vehicle fled from the Walnut St shooting and headed towards Ridott, Illinois. Reports say that a person ran into the River to attempt to escape.

UPDATE: 3:38. It is being reported that one person who ran into the river was captured. Two others are still missing. We have no details as to who these alleged suspects are or a total number of people involved.

UPDATE 3:40 p.m. One person caught, one sent to the hospital a third still missing.

UPDATE: 3:58 p.m. Sources tell us that the vehicle that was involved was a black Suburban. It is being alleged there were bullet holes on the vehicle and quote, “a metric ton of law enforcement on scene” which included City units.



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