So You’re A Local Place Paying Facebook To Advertise Too Huh

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Krape Park as I recall that day.  I had my camera and I was listening to a jazz band play at the band shell at an event that was being put on by Black Diamond Music, when one of my old high school friends came up to me.

You’re doing good by Freeport” he said, as he walked up and reached out his hand to give me a handshake.  Yet another surprise greeting from someone I respect and trust.

It made me feel good to hear a former classmate and Freeport native say those words. I guess I never really thought about it to be honest, but in a way, I suppose maybe I am. I do genuinely love this town and the people who live here.

This may sound crazy to some of you but I don’t ever really look at numbers.  Sure, I’ll see a post or a video here and there, but I typically don’t run reports.

At the end of the day I know there are hundreds of thousands of people who have seen the news we’ve brought of Freeport and you can just feel when you’re doing good, so neither numbers nor personal glory is something I ever concern myself with.

Curious though, I recently sat down and pulled up all the stats since I began this last year and here’s what I discovered.

  • Since November of 2015, 2,120,947 (2.1 million) pages have been viewed on the Freeport News Network website by a total of 425,247 unique visitors.
  • Our visitors represent 804,253 total visits with the total number of “hits” to Freeport News Network coming in at 32,778,093, (32.7 million). (Hits represent anything and everything that was ever accessed on Freeport News Network).
  • When it comes to Facebook, in just likes alone our articles, stories and videos have garnered over 248,700 total likes since last year. That comes out to be an average of 13,089 likes per month, or 436 per day (which doesn’t even count loves, haha, sad, wow, etc…).
  • When it comes to video, our video segments have had nearly 1 Million (948,383) views just by themselves.
  • As for reach, we have been watched in all 50 States including Mexico and Puerto Rico and have had visitors from a total of 145 countries.

We have NEVER paid anyone to “advertise” us, (or you).

Not only have we never paid any 3rd party any money, to put things in perspective, the entire network of both Freeport News Network and Today In The Port have been built and operated by one person.

As a comparison, the Journal Standard for example has a team of people and is owned by the Rockford Register Star.  They have reporters, photographers, editors, journalists and we believe have actively followed Freeport News Network and Today In The Port to gain insight as to how in the world we have reached as many people as we have.  We believe they follow very closely.

Never once though, has anyone from the paper ever had even one conversation with us in person.  They follow us, like us and friend request us, but never talk to us which tells us they aren’t interested in us as people at all, they are interested in how they can capitalize on what we’re doing.  Why else would you follow someone, like someone and friend request someone, yet never talk with them or ever like one post, one story, one article or one video we have ever posted?

The Journal Standard Newspaper Pays Facebook To AdvertiseYet when the Journal Standard wants to reach people they pay Facebook advertising money, as you can see to the left. (This is their paid ad screenshot just days ago). This is only one example of many others where the Journal Standard has “paid to advertise“.

They’re not alone either.

We have done videos for businesses without asking for one thing in return that have brought them 8,000 views, 10,000 views. Segments that have reached 20-30 thousand people and much more. Some videos and news pieces have reached as much as 100,000 people alone.

How do they return the favor?

They do their own videos that get 200-500 views (even 1,000) and they pay Facebook to do it.  Our small businesses, non-profits, community development organizations all do it too.

Yet in a recent survey that was done by the Collaborate Freeport folks, they asked the question of residents and business owners, “where to you get your local news” and while we didn’t know it at the time, we were on that list (as was the Journal Standard).

In just one day alone four people came up to us and mentioned it, who also said we ranked very high on the list.  While we’re not 100% sure, we don’t think Facebook was even a choice.

All we’re asking, is that before you spend your advertising money on a media that advertises with someone else, or before you spend your $25.00 on Facebook, think of the little guy and about keeping your money local, right here in Freeport.

If you’re sitting with 400 likes or even 3,000 likes and do a video, or have news, don’t pay Facebook your money. Advertise your business with Freeport News Network and Today In The Port, especially if we’ve already done something for you or our city that you have benefited from, enjoyed or have seen others enjoy.

All the numbers above and all the likes and views shown represent Freeport. It represents our city, our places, your small business here and in many cases, aspects of Freeport that most people never even knew about. For the money, you are NOT reaching more people anyway.

We however do reach an awful lot of people and we’re local folks, born right here in this city. We don’t live in Rockford, we’re not from Michigan, we live here, were born here and our family has been from here. We have a lifelong vested personal interest in Freeport and we have a local media that is watched and loved by hundreds of thousands of people. Spend your $5.00 dollars or $50.00 dollars with us.

You don’t have to give up other ways to market yourself, but let’s just be honest – it’s going to be pretty hard to preach in support of your business if you never support ours. If we’ve ever done a video or news piece for you, return the favor.

We’re honest, fair, local and the best part is, we are the lowest cost advertising medium your money can by and we guarantee it. (including Facebook) For what one ad might cost you elsewhere, you could get an entire years worth of advertising through us.

Whether it’s creative videos, content rich stories, local articles, area news or special broadcasts we offer many creative exclusive to us ways to market and promote your business. So get creative, get fun, get smart and c’mon folks, keep it local.

Don’t follow, be followed.  Get Freeport News Network.

It works – and we can prove it.

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