Starbucks To Open In Freeport, Illinois

Freeport, Illinois — For years and years rumor has circulated that a Starbucks was coming to Freeport. Over the years we’ve heard Kohls was coming to town, Target and a number of other stores allegedly all making their way to our city.

Looks like according to an article from the Journal Standard, that’s exactly what’s happening. Starbucks is coming to town.

Freeport has numerous coffee shops in the city.

A drive through town and you’ll find Donuts Delite, 9 East Coffee, Higher Grounds, Dunkin Donuts, Eats & Sweets Coffee Cafe along with numerous restaurants the locals will tell you, serve up a mean cup of joe too.

The article states that construction of the property will end some time mid summer and that there may be an additional 90 days after prior to the store being open.

Starbucks is one of two business reported to be coming to Freeport.

To read the full story see this article here.

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