STOLEN: Ford Escape Stolen In Subdivision Behind Kent Bank – Owners Seeking Help

Freeport, Illinois – Last night just outside of Freeport between the hours of 8:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., the owners of a white Ford Escape reported it stolen.

Kelly Woker Weiand said her and her husband, Eric Weiand were out of town only for only about an hour when they returned to the subdivision behind Kent Bank on Highway 26 and noticed their vehicle was missing. 

The vehicle missing is described as a white Ford Escape with GSM (smokey mountains park), Ole Smokey Moonshine & Grave before shave stickers in the back window. The Weiand’s said the vehicle was stolen right out of the driveway.

According to statements, police in Stephenson, Winnebago, Jo Davies and Green County Wisconsin have been alerted. Kelly Weiand said that it took an officer 1/2 hour to arrive at the residence where the vehicle was reported last seen. According to Weiand the officer stated he was dealing with another stolen vehicle from Monroe.

There were also unconfirmed reports of other items being stolen from neighboring cars.

If you see this vehicle as described, please notify your local police department immediately.





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