Super Heroes of Freeport Celebrate Two Years of ‘Being The Change’

Freeport, Illinois — March 17th was a special day this year. It marked the 2nd anniversary since the Super Heroes hit our great city. Maybe you’ve seen them out and about a few times over the past few years. On city streets here and there. wearing their capes and cleaning up everywhere.

They’re part of the Be The Change effort started by Stephanie Feld. According to Stephanie over the past two years her super heroes have managed to clear out four dumpsters full of garbage and grime off the streets of Freeport.

To us, Stephanie’s efforts mean far more than just ‘cleaning up’ Freeport though.  They represent aspects of life such as can and hope; change and difference.

She doesn’t do it for money and she doesn’t do it for fame. In fact, last year on a day that we were just out and about in Freeport, we spotted her and a friend of hers out walking the streets.


When we stopped, we learned it was her friends birthday that day, and that there is a tell tale sign of the heart behind Stephanie’s local movement. Her personal story of how she came to Freeport, is just as powerful as the message she sends through cleaning up our city.

With a unique twist, Stephanie’s group “Be The Change’ tells people they can dress up as their favorite superhero. As a group, people from all over Freeport gather together and hit the streets to clean up all our grime.

Her mission is to spread a special kind of positivity by putting the HUMAN back in HUMANity.

Stephanie says she is looking forward to hitting the streets hard this upcoming season and hope to continue creating something beautiful for our community to be proud of.

Their first upcoming event of the 2017 season will be held on April 29th, 2017 at 10 AM – 5 PM. They will meet for a short kickoff near the play park at the West end of Read Park (corner of American and McKinley).

Immediately following the kickoff, they will break into groups and disperse all across town to show Freeport some love by cleaning up litter.

For more details about Be The Change you can follow them on Facebook or contact them through email at BTCGrimeFighters@yahoo.comor.

If you’d like to reach out by phone, you can call (815) 990-2376



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