Teen Threatens 61 Year Old Freeport Man Saying He’s Going To “Shoot and Kill Him”

Freeport – At about 6:20 p.m. at a Target store in Madison, Wisconsin Madison police report that a teen armed with a handgun threatened to shoot a 61 year old Freeport man. The incident happened at 4301 Lien Road after the 61 year old (unidentified at this time) was walking with his wife behind the teen.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports that a store security guard witnessed the confrontation and jumped in between the 61 year old man and the teen. While walking in the store behind the teen, the couple was threatened by the teen who said he was going to shoot and kill them before fleeing with a friend.

Nobody was injured during the incident and no shots were fired, however the teen also threatened the security guard during the incident. Police spokesman Joel DeSpain is reported to have said that the young man also threatened to shoot the security guard, claiming he’ll “blow this (expletive) place up!”

DeSpain also reported that another couple about to enter the Target store said they saw the teen pull out the handgun and point it back toward the store.

Security guards told police the teen and other people had been handling bottles of liquor, and it appeared they were going to steal the bottles.

DeSpain said that it’s possible the teens mistook the Illinois shopper, who was walking behind them, for a loss prevention officer. No names have been released at this time.

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