The Picture Perfect ‘Pizza Prom Proposal’ at Lena Winslow High School – When Morgan Asked Tyler

Lena Winslow — Morgan Zinke and Tyler Pfile have gone to school together at Lena Winslow schools since they were both very young.  Since those early years of school the two have grown close with each other. Today, Morgan is a senior at school and Tyler is a freshman.

They’re all grown up.

Morgan and Tyler both have Down’s syndrome. There is no cure for Down’s syndrome and there is no known behavioral activity or environmental factor that changes the possibility of being born with Down’s syndrome. Not only do Morgan and Tyler share the same school, they also have something unique in common.

On April 29th of this year, Lena Winslow schools will be celebrating their prom.  Prom is an exciting time for many children in high school and Morgan, really wanted to go to prom. So much so, Morgan’s mom Erica and Tyler’s mom Patti got together and started a little planning.

See, Tyler’s favorite food is pizza so to surprise Tyler with one of his favorite things, Morgan made a pizza for him. But not just any pizza.

A special pizza.

A pizza made just for Tyler and just for prom because Morgan’s pizza, had the word “prom” cooked right into it. Morgan had made Tyler his very own “Prom Pizza” and now all that was left, was for Tyler to say yes.

So one day at school, with the help of Lena Winslow teacher Brooke Baldauf, the big moment had finally came. The moment Morgan would ask Tyler to prom.

Fortunately for all of us, it was all caught on video.

As you watch you can see Morgan approaching Tyler to hand him a little note. On the note it just said, “Tyler, will you go to:” and the rest was left blank.

tyler said yes to prom

As Tyler read the note and wondered what was happening, Morgan grabbed the “Prom Pizza” and walked up to Tyler with his favorite food and finished the proposal.

Tyler’s smile says it all.

With an excited “yeah” Tyler happily accepted Morgan’s invitation to be her date at this years Lena Winslow prom.

We are told that the lovely couple will also be enjoying dinner before prom as well.

Lena Winslow’s prom is on April 29th.



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Posted by Patti Leopold on Thursday, March 30, 2017

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