This Is It Eatery ‘Sold’ and Will Remain Open Under New Owners

Freeport, Illinois — May 28, 2017 — For a moment we thought Freeport residents and restaurant fans from all over the region were going to have a heart attack with the news of This Is It Eatery closing up shop in downtown Freeport.

A couple weeks back This Is It Eatery announced that current owners were closing the doors on June 3, 2017. With no buyers of the business in sight, those who have enjoyed This Is It Eatery over the years felt an extreme loss for the community coming right around the corner.

The good news though, This Is It Eatery has a buyer for the restaurant and according to Randy Skeens, the name and menu are all going to stay the same.

“We sold the restaurant” Randy said in a public statement. “Its not going to change everything will stay the same” he said.

According to Skeens the restaurant will still close on June 3rd, however the new owners are hoping to reopen in one week after closing.


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