Tonight, Another Season of Heartwarming Holiday Memories Begins

Freeport, Illinois — It’s arguably the single most loved holiday tradition of our entire city, with its heartwarming red glow that shines as a light for Freeport. The holiday apple that has graced Stephenson Street near downtown Freeport has etched its place in Freeport culture. It’s a part of us. As one person stated, “Without that tree, Freeport is lost”.

Each year on Thanksgiving eve, the tradition continues as the holiday tree is lit for another season of countless Freeport holiday memories.  For those who can’t be here in Freeport on this Thanksgiving, we’re sharing the Apple with you.

Thanks to Thom Seiner and his family, the lighting of the tree on Thanksgiving night signifies the wonderful beginning of the Holiday season in Freeport. To the family and those who have continued this tradition over the decades, we thank you for lighting this each year for all of us to enjoy.

If you would like to take a drive by Freeport’s most loved holiday treasure, the holiday tree is located in the 600 block of W Stephenson Street, across from Fitness Lifestyles and just West of the Elks Lodge. There’s even an alleyway where you can drive right next to it. It’s something rather magical.

Here is some footage of Freeport’s holiday apple we captured over the past two years.

Enjoy, and happy holiday’s.

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