Walmart Pays Special Tribute To The Life of Freeport Door Greeter Jeff Klever

FREEPORT, ILLINOIS — There are very few words one can say to someone who has just lost a son. In the midst of hurt and suffering it is often hard to find the right words to say to help ease that pain. More often, just being there for them in their time of need can mean more than words could ever say. Lynn Hoff of Freeport recently experienced that kind of appreciation for her son, through a very special kind act done through Freeport Walmart.

Odds are if you have ever been inside the Freeport, Illinois Walmart store you know Lynn’s son. Jeff Klever had worked for Walmart in Freeport for the past twelve years as a door greeter, welcoming you as you entered the store. November 20, 2019 would have been Jeff’s 12th year. Jeff was in a wheelchair.

Last Tuesday on October 8th, Jeff’s mom told us her son suddenly passed away. A devastating loss for any parent, but a loss followed by such a kind act that in Lynn’s words were a “beautiful Testament to my son and for Walmart”.

In honor of Jeff, Walmart Freeport placed a table by the pharmacy area to give staff and customers a chance to share their memories of him, with a beautiful plaque and an arrangement for everyone to see. But that’s not all the store and its employees did.

On the day of Jeff’s funeral, many Freeport employees wanted to be there but couldn’t due to work schedules. That’s when Walmart made a way to let the employees come by asking another Walmart store and its employees to cover them, so they could be at the funeral.

Lynn said “with all of negative posts concerning Walmart, this a beautiful Testament to my son”.

Jeff was born on March 12, 1976 and passed October 8, 2019, at the FHN Memorial Hospital in Freeport. Jeff had a very outgoing personality, was a farmer growing up, an avid John Deere collector, he enjoyed going to tractor pulls and most of all loved his family. He was a member of the Faith Center Church of Freeport, IL and a member of the Stephenson County Farm Bureau.

Thank you Walmart and all the employees involved for honoring this man’s life.

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