Who Else Wants The Krape Park Totem Pole Back? Call 815-232-4600 And Voice Your Opinion!

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Freeport, Illinois – Without question one of the most beautiful parks in Illinois is our very own Krape Park right here in Freeport. Thousands of people from here and all over enjoy it’s amenities, beauty and its numerous permanent and seasonal activities the Park has to offer.

While many hold a special place in their hearts for Krape Park, those of us who have lived here long enough also carry a special passion for one particular item that used to be a landmark of the park and is no longer there.

That item, is the infamous Indian Totem pole that graced the entrance for generations of people for decades. The Totem pole, the Memorial Band Shell and the Carousel were all items donated to the Park by Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Keonig of Freeport.

Well, turns out the destiny of the beloved Totem Pole that once welcomed the community at the main entrance of Krape Park is being discussed, with input from the community sought on the final journey of the Totem Pole, and possible replacement options, according to the Freeport Park District.

According to the Park District’s website, the Park District wants community input and are inviting all those with an opinion to call 815-232-4600. We’ll keep you posted as more news develops.

What are your thoughts? Chime in below also and let the public engage in the conversation.

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