You May Have Seen Knowlton Square, But You’ve Never Seen It Like This

Freeport, Illinois – There are so many areas in Freeport that offer unique views and perspectives.  All around our region spanning as far as one can travel are stunning man made and earth created scenery that all too often go unappreciated.

In our 65 mph lifestyles we often pass by some of the most breathtaking images of our lives. Some, as much as hundreds of times over and over never noticing the world around us.

To me, life is all about perspective. It’s a fascinating thing how two people can view the same picture and come away with different ideas, meanings and viewpoints.

Located at the southeast corner of Broadway and Locust in Freeport, Illinois is a perfect example of where all those perspectives meet. The place, is Knowlton Square.

At this location in the city of Freeport is a park named after Freeport man, Dexter A. Knowlton.

Dexter arrived in Freeport in 1839 and is considered a pioneer merchant in town lore and history.  Dexter owned the land this park is located on and he donated it to the community along with the development of the park.

Today the neighborhood is underdeveloped.

On nearby streets you might find houses falling apart, some condemned and overall it’s not been “easy street” for many who live here.

Housing that used to face the park on the west (across from Knowlton Square) has long since been torn down. What replaced the housing is now a mini-park and parking lot built by MetLife. Items that today are empty, because the insurance company no longer operates their business in Freeport.

Taking all that in, standing here capturing these moments is a surreal feeling. Standing on land once owned by a man who walked here in 1839, as I look at Orion’s Belt in the sky. An image of millions of years that says so much about life’s most precious commodity, time.

All here in a place that hides its beauty by day, its scars when the sun shines, a camera lens finds its beauty in the dark.

I hope you enjoy the views of Knowlton Square.



Knowlton Square - Freeport Illinois

Knowlton Square - Freeport Illinois-view2

Knowlton Square - Freeport Illinois-view3

Knowlton Square - Freeport Illinois-view4

Knowlton Square - Freeport Illinois-view5

Knowlton Square - Freeport Illinois-view6

Orions Belt Overlooking Knowlton Square - Freeport Illinois


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